Craps Online

The table games category is among the most thriving in both online and location-based gambling destinations, and among the most popular options are craps games.

In this game, punters wager on the results or a series of results produced by rolling two dice; this makes it one of the simplest games to engage online.

This review touches more on the elements of the game such as how it came to be and the bets punters can exploit to walk away with winnings.

The History of Craps Online

This table game was among the first to be included on the internet once the gambling industry went live in 1994.

However, it was a dominant inclusion in brick and mortar casinos for centuries long before it was launched on the web. It is regarded as the oldest game that has maintained its popularity among the masses till today.

Like most other games that have been around for centuries, the nature of the invention is vague and remains a topic for debate till today.

In some legends, it is stated that that game was the invention of Romans soldiers who were looking to pass the time during wars. Using the knuckles of pigs as dice and their shields as a table, the soldiers would wager on the results of each role.

In other legends, the game is believed to have been an Arabic invention dubbed Al Dar, which translates to Dice, and it was brought to Europe during the great trades of the twelfth century.

The most accepted version of the invention is that of Sir William of Tyre who is said to have created the game in the eleventh century at the time when the Crusades was at its peak.

The game was not played in the Americas until the seventeenth century when it was introduced in New Orleans. It quickly gained popularity and became a staple in the gambling boats that sailed along the Mississippi.

However, at the time, a flaw in the game made it easy for punters to have a higher edge than the house, which limited the explosion of the game in gambling establishments. This flaw was fixed in the nineteenth century by an American dice maker who included the Don’t Pass staking option, which put the casinos back on the upper hand.

The popularity of the game became widespread since, and it was further facilitated by the rush of Las Vegas gambling.

Craps Strategy – How to Win at Craps Online

When it comes to gambling, nearly all games are heavily dependent on luck, and online craps is not an exception.

Even so, one can apply some skills and strategies to ensure that they maximize on their chances of landing payouts.

Among the best ways to land wins is the game is to understand the probabilities of landing each number. Craps online games are built on betting on the outcome of two dice rolls, which means that eleven possible outcomes can be landed.

Some results are easier to acquire than others since they can be rolled in more than one way.

Two and twelve are the hardest to acquire since they can only be landed when each of the two dice lands on one and six respectively. All other numbers can be landed as follows:

Number Ways to be landed Dice values
Three Two One and two, two and one
Four Three One and three, two and two, three and one
Five Four One and four, two and three, three and two, four and one
Six Five One and five, two and four, three and three, four and two, five and one
Seven Six One and six, two and five, three and four, four and three, five and two, six and one
Eight Five Two and six, three and five, four and four, five and three, six and two
Nine Four Three and six, four and five, five and four, six and three
Ten Three Four and six, five and five, six and four
Eleven Two Five and six, six and five


Seven has the highest chances of being landed, followed by six and eight. Staking on the six and eight values to be landed offers a house edge of 1.52 per cent, which is among the best in the game.

Craps Online FAQs

Where Can I Play Craps Online for Real Money?

Being one of the most popular inclusions in the table games category, it is a staple in most leading online gambling destinations including:

  • 888 Casino
  • Karamba Casino
  • Eurogrand Casino
  • 777 Casino
  • Winner Casino
  • Casino Las Vegas
  • Casino Tropez, etc.

Players can exploit a variety of bonuses and promotions in these gaming sites ranging from no deposit offers to welcome packages.

What Are the Best Online Casino Craps Real Money Bets?

This game allows the placement of an array of stakes, and among the best is on six or eight. This bet carries a house edge of 1.52, which means a stake of six dollars earns payouts of seven dollars.

Additionally, these numbers have among the highest chances of being landed. Other options include laying against four or ten and on five or nine to lose.

Is There a Craps Strategy to Follow?

Strategies can be applied when playing this game such as understanding the numbers that are most likely to be hit and how to spread out bets on the table. However, luck is also heavily involved.

What Are the Worst Craps Online Bets?

Some of the worst bets are on two, hard way four, Hi-Lo, craps, hard way ten, eleven, three, and twelve; this is because they carry high house edges that range between eleven and fourteen per cent.

When Can I Play the Odds Bets in Craps Online?

Odds bets, which act as a side bet, can be made after the throwing of a pass.

Can I Practice Online Craps for Free?

Like most other casino games, this one comes with free versions that do not demand the use of real money to activate gameplay. The free craps games can be found in most casinos that offer the sets.


Craps is provided on both desktop and mobile devices. Most developers make their releases with compatibility to mobile gadgets running on the popular Android operating system.

The download Android application versions of the game are downloaded as apk files that can be launched anywhere and anytime as long as there is internet connectivity.

Engage in online craps for free in one of our recommended casinos to stand a chance to win big money and claim impressive bonuses and promotions.